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The RosaMary Foundation operates under a trust agreement and, under the terms of the trust, is limited to the purpose of maintaining or aiding and assisting, through the medium of gifts, those organizations, whose principal interest is the support of educational, charitable, community improvement and literary purposes. Grants are made only to non-profit, tax exempt organizations and institutions. Petitioning organizations must be exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. No grants are made to individuals or for strictly religious purposes. The Foundation does not purchase tickets nor does it participate in fund raising events such as galas, etc.


Primary consideration will be given to those organizations whose operations are conducted in the Greater New Orleans area.


Proposals are accepted throughout the year. Decisions regarding grants will be made only at regularly scheduled meetings of the trustees which are usually held twice a year in the spring and fall. Interviews will be conducted only at the invitation of the Foundation.


The Foundation will not consider another application from your organization in the same calendar year as a previous declination. This applies to declinations at either application stage.


The Foundation uses a two stage application process.


Stage 1 Submission deadlines: January 15 or July 15 at midnight.


Use the link provided below to enter the information required when submitting your Stage 1 application. No documents are uploaded for Stage 1.



Stage 2 Submission deadlines: February 22 or August 22 at midnight.








Submitting organizations will receive notification by email no later than February 7 or August 7 whether or not they have been approved to continue to Stage 2 of the on-line application process. Please be sure your email contact information is current. If approved, the full proposal must also be submitted using our on-line application system.



Instructions & Requirements Stage 2

for Programmatic or Operating Support
for Capital Support (i.e. Buildings, Equipment or Endowment)

Please use the links below to submit your application:

Click here to submit your Stage 1 application on-line.

Click here to modify a SAVED application or submit a Stage 2 application.

Applications will NOT be accepted in hard copy by mail or otherwise. You must use the on-line grant application system.